Leslie Cours Mather Releases “I’m a Survivor” Video

Leslie Cours Mather released a music video to coincide with her song “I’m A Survivor” today! The single is one of 11 from her powerful new album, “I’m a Survivor”.

“I’m a Survivor” is a direct reflection of overcoming health obstacles, recovering from a kidney transplant and seeing life from a brand-new point of view. Watch this EPK to hear Leslie talk more about the album…

Leslie Cours Mather stands by her own lyric, “I never knew I was a fighter. I’m a survivor”. Emotion and life experience have played a huge role in Mather’s career, and she continues to face life’s challenges head on. Her young daughter waged a successful battle against a shocking leukemia diagnosis. Her beloved father passed away very suddenly in 2016. And that same year, the singer was unexpectedly put on dialysis which lead to a kidney transplant. “It’s overwhelming to think about,” she admits, “but I survived and I’m stronger for it.” Her music certainly proves that.

On the other side of these crises, the singer is charging full steam ahead. “I’m A Survivor” grabbed Top 20 on the Billboard AC chart, “We Should Try Again’ earned Billboard’s Highest-Ranking Debut status while reaching Top 20 and “We Are America” made it three in a row. The singer-songwriter has five albums lined up for release and she couldn’t be more excited for 2018 and beyond.

The five albums are a culmination of my work over the past three years. I had to take a break from touring, but I never stopped creating,” declares the versatile artist who has been compared to Linda Ronstadt for her wide range of genres.

Each project represents a different aspect of who she is, and Mather’s versatility is no lie. She will release a Country album, a Pop/AC album, a Contemporary Christian album, a collection of Acoustic songs and a long-awaited Christmas album.

When it comes to songwriting, LCM has a tried and true method. She writes alone, then collaborates with her producer, Denny Diante who is famous for producing legendary artists such as B.B. King, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Tina Turner and the Grateful Dead.

Denny has an amazing track record of producing hit songs. Why wouldn’t I rely on his feedback?” The collaborative process continues from there as the two discuss every decision during the production process, a method that has proven key to the team’s success.

Her Country album is named for her first single, “Countrified”, which secured Top 40 on the MusicRowCountryBreakout™ Chart. “I was extremely happy!” she beams. The song tells the singer’s own story of living in the big city of Los Angeles while having country roots. Quickly following was “Hell Hath No Fury”, which Mather had been performing live on her Countrifiedradio tour. Stations began asking LCM to release it as a single.

Next out of the gate was the high-octane Country/Rock song “That Was The Whiskey”, which quickly caught attention in Europe, climbing to #1 on the UK’s HotDisc chart. Remarkably, dialysis didn’t stop the artist from working. Between treatments, she filmed several episodes of her own reality show “Countrified” and shot two music videos, one for “That Was The Whiskey” and one for her patriotic anthem “We Are America”, which has been released to radio stations of virtually every genre.

Leslie’s music is available for purchase on AmazoniTunes and Spotify and for all up to date information visit her website and follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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