Keith Urban Invites You to Create a PHOENIX Commercial to Air on National TV !

Are you an artistic fan trying to break into the commercial spotlight? Do you have what it takes to rise to the occasion and create a winning PHOENIX commercial to air on National TV? Tap your creativity, focus your lens and dust off your director’s chair …

PHOENIX Cologne, Keith Urban’s most recent composition, has been introduced to fans during select Get Closer Tour stops, has been available at his website for pre-order and will be making its public debut very shortly !

To help spritz the scent of this Aromatic Aphrodisiac, Keith Urban – in conjunction with People Magazine – is hosting a “Phoenix by Keith Urban” TV Commercial Contest.

Why on earth would such a successful star reach out to unknown fans to create a commercial for a brand new signature product? Well, in an interview about “Guitar Center’s Your Next Record with Keith Urban” winner Brandon Green, Keith shared this sentiment: “First and foremost, I like being able to help other artists.” This down-to-earth country artist continued, “Anything that can give a leg up to an artist, I’m all about it. I mean, I just want to help artists …”

Well, in the true spirit of helping, creativity and art, Keith Urban is giving a different kind of artist an opportunity – to create a commercial for “Phoenix Cologne by keith urban” – the Grand Prize in part being a commercial run on a well-known National Network TV show in December. Re-read that line because that’s HUGE ! Anyone ever dreaming about breaking into this market is being given an opportunity here to have the door opened for them by Keith Urban, People Magazine and whatever National TV show this winning commercial spot is slated for.

The contest opened Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011. It ends November 11, 2011 at 11:59 p.m (Central). And the winner will be announced on November 14, 2011. Contest guidelines state: “Videos must be 30 seconds in length, and must not use any copyrighted music, photos or videos. Use of Phoenix assets provided here is allowed. Please be sure to record your video in the highest quality that you can so that it will look good on tv if you win.”

Head over to Keith’s Phoenix Commercial Contest page for complete rules, submitted video examples, Phoenix assets for use in your commercial video endeavor and the criteria which “Keith will be choosing the Grand Prize winner from a round of finalists selected by the Editors of” because …

“Keith will be choosing the Grand Prize winner…” !

Now, if you’re a true Urban fan, you know Keith has an eye for detail, quality and class. Create your commercial and enter the contest with that mindset because that’s the mindset that will be choosing the winner.

Country Music Pride writer, reviewer and co-editor (me) has met Mr. Urban in the past (unrelated to Phoenix), did quite a bit of scentillating research and previously published an article here about the man, the mystery and the making of Phoenix. Be certain to check it out. It’s sure to save you some leg work in the research department and tune you in to the notes of Phoenix. –

(you can always add me to your commercial credits … I’m thinking, like, ‘research provided by’ … we’ll talk … contact me  😉

Okay, back to the Phoenix Commercial Contest. Country Music Pride wishes all contestants the best of luck. Have lotsa fun! This is a phenomenal opportunity to break into commercial advertising, videography and video directing. But remember the most important note in this Phoenix composition …

Keith Urban may be cast as a heart throb and may have acquired numerous “sexiest” awards, but that’s just the surface. Keith’s a class act with style, sophistication and elegant taste. Phoenix represents that degree of excellence. Rise to this Phoenix occasion and create a commercial to compliment those admirable attributes !

I’ll be watching . . . 



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