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Kacey Musgraves Asks Fans To Share Their #LoveSong

Kacey Musgraves has spoken out in support of Music & Memory, a non-protift which uses personalized playlists to unlock the precious memories of those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The power of music is unbelievable and unmatched,” Musgraves posted to Facebook. “Please watch this. I’m crying right now as I’m typing this. It really moved me! Our elderly need our compassion, love, and the memories that sounds bring back to them. This makes me proud to be a musician. The whole documentary is on Netflix. This is just a clip. ‪#‎AliveInside.”

Check out the video below…

Fans can share a #LoveSong to help someone suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. With every photo shared, a song is donated to a patient through the Music & Memory program.

Elvis Costello, Carole King and Kenny Chesney are just a few celebrities who have vocally supported Music & Memory. The organization has recently been featured in Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal and on The Doctors.

Join Kacey Musgraves, Elvis Costello, Carole King & Kenny Chesney in supporting the Music & Memory program by clicking HERE. After all know music is good for the soul…

For more information on the Music & Memory organization visit their website at

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