John Rich Hosts 2nd Annual Redneck Riviera Whiskey Party

Photo Credit: Josie Bisto

“It’s Gonna Be A Big 2020” John Rich Says of His Continued Success with Redneck Riviera Whiskey and the Launch of Redneck Riviera Jerky, Howdy Dew, His New Series The Pursuit! & A Busy Big & Rich Tour Year

It’s been 2 very successful years since the launch of Redneck Riviera Whiskey and it’s creator John Rich is at it again.  The “family has grown” he announced at the Second Annual Redneck Riviera Whiskey party held at his private bar in his Nashville home this past weekend.

After it’s roll-out in 2018 Redneck Riviera quickly surpassed it’s sales goals and has become a popular item in liquor stores across the country.  There’s a simple explanation for that too- it’s really good.  Even non-whiskey drinkers like myself are falling in love with his smooth and sweet concoction.  Besides that Rich is very involved in the success of his brand and spends a lot of time traveling across the country meeting with distributors and doing bottle signings.

Last year Rich announced a Reserve line named after his Granny Rich who helped Rich taste-test all the original whiskey samples.  It’s “a little smoother, a little older and a little stronger just like Granny” he says.   Granny Rich Reserve is already available in 12 states and should continue reaching more destinations throughout the year.

The brand will grow even bigger in February with the release of Rich’s spiked fruit punch Howdy Dew and Redneck Riviera Beef Jerky.  The wine-based slightly carbonated beverage tastes amazingly like Hawaiian Punch with a “little Hee-Haw” in it.  The super tender jerky will roll out with 3 fun flavors; Redneck Riviera Whiskey BBQ, Amarillo Heat and Spicy Fried Pickle.  Both products should start showing up in stores already selling Redneck products.

The son of a preacher, Rich learned at a young age the importance of tithing; which in Catholic religion suggests a person donates 10% of their income to the church.  Rich, a true American Patriot instead puts the money back into the community through a charity that honors heroes of our country.  Folds of Honor is a non-profit that provides financial aid to families of fallen and disabled soldiers.  Since it’s release Redneck Riviera Whiskey has collected $389,000 for Folds of Honor.  Rich’s passion for the organization is obvious as he gleams while telling the stories of people he’s had the opportunity to speak with, who have been positively affected by the donations directly collected from the sales of his whiskey.  He eagerly looks forward to these donation numbers rising as Redneck Riviera becomes more readily available through the country and as the new products launch.

“It’s gonna be a big 2020” Rich exclaimed.  He’s also busy filming The Pursuit!; a series filmed from Rich’s home that focuses on the opportunities to pursue happiness in the United States.  The show is scheduled to begin airing late February on Fox Nation.  With all of that going on Rich says this year “Big & Rich is booking more tours than ever” and are “running out of calendar dates.”  Rich is truly living by his “work hard, play hard” motto.

Photo Credit: Josie Bisto

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Written by Josie Bisto


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