Joey+Rory Share Joey’s Post-Surgery Update

On Thursday, June 9th, country singer and half of the duo Joey + Rory, Joey Feek, underwent surgery to remove a 9 cm cancerous tumor on her colon. The surgery came just weeks following her diagnosis of Stage IV cancer. Joey’s husband, Rory, has been faithfully keeping their fans informed of his wife’s cancer journey, and has shared a post-surgery update on how everything went.

The surgery took almost ten hours, so we didn’t get to talk to the doctor or see Joey until after 10 pm last night. When Joey’s surgeon finally came out into the waiting room and sat down with us, he was so kind and wonderful and he talked with us for a long time. He told us that everything had gone well in the surgery and that he believes that they were able to get all of the main tumor removed, along with two infected lymph nodes and other places that were affected. They also did intra-operative radiation on some areas where they weren’t able to get a clear margin. All-in-all, he was very positive and hopeful. So we are too.”

Joey will be recovering at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago for a total of 7 to 10 days, then will go home for a week or so before starting aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments that will last a total of 20+ weeks.

Some roads we go down in life are smooth and easy, and some we take are rough and rocky. This one’s gonna be a little bumpy and scary at times… but we’re gonna go down it together the same way we’ve gone down all the ones before – hand in hand – taking it one moment, one hour, and one day at a time.”

Preceding Friday’s surgery, Rory posted a touching video of Joey singing. The caption of the video reads, “Last year when Joey found out that she had cancer, she sang this song over and over again. And today… she’s still singing and believing.”

Please take the time to watch the video below.

Please join us in lifting Joey, Rory, and their daughter Indiana up in prayer through this time and we wish Joey a complete and speedy recovery!

For more up to date information on Joey’s condition and recovery, go to Rory’s blog at


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