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Joe Nichols partners with TheHopeLine to help battle addiction

People battling addiction have a new resource for help and support in a new website spurred by Joe Nichols’ video “An Old Friend of Mine.”

Nichols has partnered with TheHopeLine in creating a website,, designed to help people struggling with addiction issues. The idea started with Dave Anderson, TheHopeLine’s director of rescue, when he saw Nichols’ video, which honestly depicts a battle with substance abuse. The song “An Old Friend of Mine” is the closing track on Nichols’ new CD, Old New Things.

“Partnering with Joe Nichols to help people struggling with addictions is very exciting,” Anderson said. “Those struggling need to understand there is hope and TheHopeLine wants to help reach, rescue and restore them as they begin their journey to recovery. We are hopeful Joe’s effort will encourage other mainstream artists to consider how they might help their fans, and others, who might be struggling with difficulty in their life.”

Having struggled with addiction issues himself, the song is a personal one for Nichols, even if it isn’t the artist’s released single. With such compelling lyrics, Nichols knew a spotlight needed to be on the song and awareness on the issue brought front stage. He is using his celebrity to help other people battling similar demons.

“This site exists out of my desire to offer more than a song when talking about my struggle with addiction and recovery,” Nichols explained. “The purpose of is to be a starting point resource for teens, families, parents or individuals who are struggling with addiction or know someone who is. This chat room also exists for people in recovery to talk with others around the world about how either they themselves or someone they know has said ‘Goodbye’ to addiction.”

TheHopeLine will make a HopeCoach available to moderate the chat room on Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. (ET) for the next several weeks. The goal is to help individuals find help and hope in a moment of need. For more information visit

Nichols’ new CD, Old New Things, was released by Universal Records South on October 27 and is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed CD Real Things.

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