Jewel And Dolly Parton Team Up For A Heart Wrenching Duet

Jewel, Grammy award winning crossover artist, has without a doubt been through a lot in the past year. In July of 2014, she announced the end of her 6-year marriage to World Champion Bull Rider, Ty Murray. In true country music fashion, Jewel found that the best way for her to deal with the divorce was to engage herself into her music and focus on writing a memoir of her life.

I was going through a divorce, and looking at my entire person and saying, what is my essential self? I don’t think there was an area of my life that wasn’t touched,” she says of her new music and memoir.

The album, released September 11, is intentionally named to show case her transition back to the stripped-down folk style of “Pieces of You.”, which features some new music along with a number of songs she wrote when she was only a teenager. Many of the songs have been performed on stage over the 20 years, but are now getting their own home on an album.

Back in 2008, Jewel wrote “My Father’s Daughter”, an autobiographical song that has rang true with her fans for years. On the album, she collaborated with her long-time hero, Dolly Parton, for the song. “My Father’s Daughter”, which adds a country touch and added dimension to the album full of haunting lyrics, reminiscent of both women’s childhoods.

When asked how she made the decision to make the song a duet with Dolly, Jewel said it was an easy choice.

When you grow up as a girl on a homestead with an outhouse, you don’t have many heroes in the public eye. Dolly and Loretta [Lynn] were them, because they had outhouses and they had a similar lifestyle to me,” Jewel said. “I loved their audacity. They were women who were so outspoken and they had no shame in being who they were. They were so ahead of their time, and I always thought it was quite heroic. So I asked [Dolly] to sing on the song, and I was pretty surprised she said yes. I’m tremendously honored. We got in the studio, she started at 8 a.m. and was 10 minutes early and well-prepared and looked amazing and was sarcastic and witty and everything you would hope Dolly Parton would be.”

Listen to Jewel and Dolly Parton singing “My Father’s Daughter” here:


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