Jewel “Perfectly Clear” Valory Music Co.

by Jody Mason

Women who came of age during the ‘90’s keenly recall the emotional range and husky vibrato of Jewel’s voice. It comes as no surprise that she has signed on to country label Valory Music Co. and her newest album is due to release on June 3rd.

Her hit single, “Stronger Woman,” echoes her early material with maturation and clarity. Clarity seems to be the theme, on several levels, of her record Perfectly Clear.

While some may be surprised by her apparent genre switch, Perfectly Clear is distinctly Jewel; it is the Jewel we’ve known all along, with her deep crooning and poetic verse, only now unabashedly the rhinestone cowgirl brought up ranch-style in Alaska.

Jewel invoked our country-singer forefathers with verses such as “Stop sayin’ I won’t and start sayin’ I do” in “I do”, while maintaining the innocent vixen persona embodied in her first album, “Pieces of You.”

Even Jewel hears her sound for what it really is, and is quoted on her website: “If I were discovered today, there is no doubt that I would be signed as a country artist. Songs like ‘You Were Meant For Me’ would have been a country hit today, and not a pop hit as it was in the 90s. The genres have changed more than I feel I have.”

Perfectly Clear is available for pre-order on, along with a sample preview if each song (including an extra track, “You Were Meant For Me”).

Perfectly Clear
Perfectly Clear


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