Jenny Tolman Announces Single Release Party At The Sutler January 9th

Welcome to “Jennyville”!  Jenny Tolman who brought you  “Stripper for a Week” with over 120,000 streams on Spotify, will perform at The Sutler on Tuesday, January 9th at 6pm. 

The crafty singer-songwriter with her own twist and unique stylings received a positive review in Rolling Stone stating, “Jennyville is unlike much else out right now, blending honky-tonk twang with white-hot horns, and delivering lyrical gems.  The full band show will highlight tracks from her forthcoming debut album “Jennyville” produced by multi-Grammy nominated Dave Brainard.  

Tolman’s new single “Something To Complain About,” will see some “sneak peak” action on The Boot before it’s release date of Friday, January 12th.

Inspired by Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys, Tolman learned to explore her unique self through songwriting, and she discovered she had a real ability to identify even her most complex emotions and to express them in ways that resonated in others. She started playing open-mic nights and guitar pulls in Nashville, timidly at first, but as music professionals invariably recognized her singular creative talent, her confidence increased, as did her circle of associates.

The album touches on several musical genres… blues, jazz and old-school rock & roll…but at its heart, it’s a country collection full of material about working-class people who are easy to visualize, and even easier to like. They’re transcendent in “Ain’t Mary Jane,” despondent in “So Pretty,” artificial in “High Class White Trash,” gracious in “Something To Complain About” and sweetly satisfied in “Used To My Cooking.”

Between their enviable strengths and their humorous flaws, there’s a simple cheer that surrounds life in “Jennyville”. It reflects the woman behind it… Tolman makes it a habit to post a hand-written social-media note on Sundays from ‘Jenny’s Joy Jar’, an easy-going contest that encourages her followers to embrace gratitude. Random winners pick a song for Tolman to cover.

Tolman is putting out good vibes and good music. And with “Jennyville”, she’s using a fictional community to chronicle the truths…even the uncomfortable parts…about real people, including herself. In the process, she’s making a real connection with an ever-expanding fan base.

For a complete list of tour dates and to stay up to date with Jenny, visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



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