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Jackie Lee Makes His 40th Grand Ole Opry Performance This Weekend

This Friday, June 30th, independent artist Jackie Lee will make his 40th Grand Ole Opry performance. Backed by his family, Jackie performed a tear-inducing, heartfelt version of the song “Believe” (Brooks & Dunn) on July 5, 2016 as a tribute to his late mother who died of cancer in June 2016.

The video was recently made public, and you catch a glimpse of this…Jackie and his family earned a standing ovation that evening for the performance. His father is a pastor in East Tennessee, and his brother, Kinsey, is also an aspiring musician.

Growing up in a loving home in Maryville, Tennessee…a picturesque town nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains…Lee cut his teeth singing faithful tunes in a church hopping three-piece band, but his unique brand of forward-thinking country was always bubbling under the surface, just waiting to be unleashed.

While influenced by classic country singers like Faron Young and Keith Whitley, one of Jackie’s favorite bands as a kid was the platinum selling pop-rock group Boys Like Girls…a band which happens to feature DiGiovanni as its founding guitarist. The unlikely friends met randomly during a Nashville songwriting session, inspiring Lee to ask DiGiovanni to produce his new music, and take it in the direction he helped create with Boys Like Girls…energetic, emotional and above all, fresh.

So much has changed for Lee since his debut in 2014…new producer, new sound, new songs…but the biggest shift is his new outlook on life. For the first time his vision is crystal clear, the road is open and his destination is within sight. It was a journey that tested his strength to the breaking point, but ultimately led to a question that now drives everything he does …“Do I feel this in my heart?”

For more information on Jackie Lee, visit his website and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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