INTERVIEW: Olivia Lane Discusses Nashville Release Party For Her Debut EP “Olivia Lane”

Olivia Lane

Rising country star, Olivia Lane, recently released her self-titled EP, an album she has been working on for the last year and a half. The seven tracks on the album are a true representation of who she is as an artist and her journey thus far.

In celebration her debut EP, she threw a release party at Old Glory in Nashville on August 4th. We got to sit down with Olivia and ask her a few questions about her journey as an up and coming artists, where she hopes to be in the future and her debut EP release party. See what she had to say here:

Country Music Pride: What would an ideal 5-year plan for you be? And are you currently on that road?

Olivia Lane: My 5-year plan would be to build my fan base, have a couple hits at radio and be selling out venues to people who know the words to my songs, whether that’s small venues or huge ones. I want to keep putting out great music.

Country Music Pride: Have you received any accolades from any groups or persons that you highly value?

Olivia Lane: Being included in Rolling Stone’s ‘Ones to Watch’ and other various music outlets has really been awesome. It’s a reassuring pat on the back that what I’m doing is working and I should keep at it.

Country Music Pride: What is the recipe for a perfect concert?

Olivia Lane: A vibey room, a great crowd who is ready to dance and then all of us let go and have a big party together. That’s what my shows are. I want people to leave their troubles at the door and have a great time. Also maybe selling some merchandise…that’s always a good thing!

Country Music Pride: Biggest perk thus far for being involved with Country music?

Olivia Lane: I love being part of the country music genre because our job as songwriters and singers is to tell and sing real stories about real life. We get to be real with out fans in the music and also in person. I love the fact that I can talk with my fans (who become friends) after shows and on social media. It’s a very open format to where I’m lucky enough to have fans who want to know who I am other than who I am on stage. It’s really fun for me.

Country Music Pride: What are some of the “dues” you’ve had to pay for “paying your dues” as up and comers? Have any almost pushed you far enough to almost quit?

Olivia Lane: One of the hardest things for me is playing to a room that fits maybe 500 people and only 10 people are there. I’m a total extrovert so people’s energy gives me energy and when the room is empty I still have to make sure to give those 10 people there an amazing show. None of the “dues” have ever made me want to quit. In fact they make me hungrier to go out and achieve my goals. I think it has to be that way because it is a grind for sure.

Country Music Pride: What is right and what is wrong with country music in your opinion?

Olivia Lane: Well we are in the business of making art so there’s always going to be something wrong and right to everyone but personally I want to see more female voices on country radio. It’s happening but it’s a slow burn. What’s right is the country genre is being influenced by so many other genres and that is so cool to me. It challenges me as a country artist to think outside the box.

Country Music Pride: What do you think you can bring to the table for country music in 2016?

Olivia Lane: Well I just came out with my new self-titled EP that has some new music on it so I hope fans really dig it! I hope to bring a fun, high-energy show to people out on the road and some new music that fans really relate to.

Country Music Pride: How do you try to stand above the rest of the masses trying to cut their teeth and make a name for themselves?

Olivia Lane: I’ve never tried to be anybody other than myself. I think that’s key to being an artist. Fans are smart. Me personally I know when an artist is being real and I have to hold myself to the same standard. If some people don’t like the songs I sing and write, oh well. There will be people who do and those are the fans I want anyways.

Country Music Pride: What would really excite you and encourage you that could be done by our readers and fans of yours that would help your goals come to fruition?

Olivia Lane: Share my music to all your friends! Tweet, Facebook, Snap, Instagram ALL OF IT! Right now I’m in the beginnings of my career and I need the early believers to band together with me and spread the songs. It’s been a crazy journey so far and I hope your readers come along with me!

Country Music Pride: How have you planned & prepared for your EP release party to make it everything you wanted it to be?

Olivia Lane: You can never go wrong being surrounded by the people you love working with, friends and family. I’m excited to celebrate with the ones I love and the ones who have helped me achieve my goals so far. Also food and booze helps for a good time as well 🙂

Country Music Pride: What are you your most excited about celebrating your EP release party? What do you hope your fans get out of the event?

Olivia Lane: This is a big milestone for me coming out with this EP. I hope people continue to hear about it, listen to it and keep spreading the word! I have some pretty amazing fans already who have become friends so I hope to continue meeting more!

Olivia has also been selected as a “Breaking Big” artist by Entertainment Weekly and she was selected as one of Rolling Stone Country’s “10 New Artists You Need To Know.”

On the road, Lane has opened select dates for Cam, Wynonna Judd, Kip Moore and Randy Houser. She can be seen at various venues throughout the U.S. and Canada this summer.

Her debut EP available now on iTunes and Spotify and for a complete list of tour dates and additional information on Olivia Lane visit and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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