Interview: Meet Las Vegas Country Girl Sierra Black

Sierra Black may not be a name you recognize…yet, but trust me this is one name you are not going to want to forget. The Las Vegas country singer is a regular performer at Stoney’s and South Point, and has spent her time traveling back and forth from Las Vegas to Nashville, recording with famed producer Mark Bright (Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood).

She may resemble a little Carrie in her appearance and you may hear a little Miranda in her voice (not a bad combination)…but she’s 100% her own! We recently had the opportunity to chat with Sierra about her new single, musical influence, life on the road and performing with Keith Urban…check it out here:

Your new single “Make It Easy” is a beautiful song about your relationship you’re your husband…can you tell us how the song came to fruition? 

Mark Bright, Chris Stevens and I had started talking about love and soulmates. From there it just started into this love song about there being obstacles in life but having a love so great it makes it easy to stay with that person.

Tell us about your approach on writing music that your fans can relate to? What inspires you?

My number one goal is to write songs that make people feel things. Whatever emotions they might feel, they can find comfort in knowing someone has felt that too. I find song inspiration just from day to day life. Whether it’s something I’ve gone through, seen someone else go through or just things I think about.

What would really excite you and encourage you that could be done by our readers and fans of your that would help bring “Make It Easy” to the top of America’s Country radio?

Listening to the song alone! It would be awesome to start seeing people call in and request to hear the song!

What are some of the “risks” you’ve taken to set yourselves apart from others as up and coming artists?

I think for me performance wise I’ve never said no. I have taken every opportunity to get on a stage and sing. Sometimes that was a gig from 10-1 AM in a smokey bar with 1 person in the audience. I love country music, I love performing and I won’t stop till I reach the top!

You have opened shows for Luke Bryan and even sang a duet with Keith Urban, what would you say has been your biggest moment out on tour so far?

I would say singing with Keith Urban. There was about 25,000 people in the audience and I just remember I wanted to stop time. I wanted to sing on that stage in front of all those people forever. It was incredible to share the stage with him and witness his artistry in a way most people never will. I can still hear the sound of the audience, the feeling of the music and the joy I felt in that moment.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I would love to do something with Carrie Underwood. I have always loved her sound; her music and I just think it would be a lot of fun.

A fun fact about you your fans may not know?

I love to eat and because of that I love to run!!

For more information and to stay up-to-date with Sierra Black, visit herher socials at Facebook and  Twitter.


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