Interview: Get To Know Country Music’s Impressive New Group ‘Bowen’ Here

Bowen may be a fairly new formed group, but it’s comprised of some impressive music industry veterans. Check out our exclusive interview with the band & their debut single “All I Ever Do” here!

On being around the music & country music scene for a while and releasing their new single “All I Ever Do”…and their inspiration behind the song…

We just tried to tap into the emotion of how we’re always looking for greener grass but being in the kind of relationship that can make you forget about those pressures. We have dreams and goals from when we’re kids and while those never go away, they evolve and look different as time goes by and sometimes a rare person can make you content with that. That’s what this song is about.

On touring with talented artists such as John Mayer, Dave Matthew and Kip Moore and who has been their favorite artist/s to be out on the road with…

I think my time with Kip Moore was my favorite. He’s a friend and has always been so supportive. His band and his crew are amazing people and so professional and generous with their time and talent. And more than anything, he’s built a wonderful culture around his music and his fan base is so passionate and intense. That makes for a great touring situation.

On the craziest place they have ever performed…

I’ve done the weddings and the funerals and all of that. A long, long time ago I played at a marathon on a big stage next to the road where the runners were running by. As we got there and were setting up we realized how pointless it was as the runners would hear about 5 seconds of loud music and then they’d pass the stage. I can’t remember but I hope we got paid well for that show…

They are a pretty open book…their music & stage presence can attest to that…on what some of their “dues” they’ve had to pay as up and comers…

I feel like I’ve paid at least some dues in many different aspects of the industry which I
m thankful for as I’ve had the ability to observe how things work. More than anything, the people I look up to have a strong identity that is firmly grounded in who they actually are so I do my best to live by that.

On receiving accolades from any groups or persons that they highly value…

There’s no group of people that I respect in the industry more than the brilliant and legendary songwriters I’ve had the chance to learn from since I got to Nashville. It’s their support and accolades that mean more to me than anything.

On which artists they have gained their musical influence from…

There are obviously so many but the ones that show up in the band’s music the most are Jackson Browne, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys. That’s what I grew up on and I still listen to their records on a daily basis.

On what can fans expect next from Bowen…

Lots of new music and live videos and content released in the next few months as well as getting our show on the road early next year.

One fun fact about Bowen fans may not know…

I’m one of the biggest Cleveland Sports fans there is, through the good times and the bad (it’s usually bad).

Check out Bowen’s new single “All I Ever Do” here:

To stay up to date and more information on the band Bowen,  follow them on their Facebook page.






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