Interview: “American Dreaming” With Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor has recently burst onto the country music scene…and with her video for “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore“ active video playlist at CMT her socials and Spotify hits are rising daily. Both “Don’t Look Good..” and “That Girl” can be heard on Radio Disney Country, as well as multiple Spotify Playlists.

Christina was also named as an 2018 Artist To Watch by, and AND, if you want to catch her live, Christina is currently performing regularly at the famous Sutler Saloon in Nashville scoring a coveted residency there! We are so delighted we had the opportunity to catch up with her for a chat this week!

On the inspiration behind the release of her version of the song “American Dreaming”…

I work very closely with Sherrie Austin and Will Rambeaux who helped write the song and I’ve seen them play it out live a million times. I loved the song so much that I ended up putting it in my live set and the crowd reaction was unbelievable. I truly believe in every word of the song and feel that America needs to hear it!

On her take of everything that is going on in country music lately…

I think there is so much opportunity in country music today. Becoming an artist is all about picking a lane for yourself and figuring out what makes you stand out from everyone else, and right now there are more directions than ever that you can take in country music!

On how she came to be involved in music…

I grew up listening to and writing music in all genres but when I got into my teens I realized that country music was my true love, and I never looked back!

On which artists have had the biggest influence on her music…

I look up to a lot of artists but I think the biggest ones for me are Joss Stone, P!nk and Eric Church. All of them are so raw and real and I strive to be like that in not only my career, but in my personal life as well.

On her take of what she would consider the perfect gig…

The perfect gig would be in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina and I would be performing with Eric Church. We’re both from North Carolina and I feel like two artists coming back to perform where they grew up would create an energy like no other.

On receiving accolades from any groups or other artists that she highly values…

Sherrie Austin has done so many amazing and admirable things in her career and I think it is a compliment in itself that she has taken me under her wing and decided to work with me. I’ve learned so much from her! I’ve also been lucky enough to have Radio Disney County and CMT’s support! RDC has been playing my music for a few months now and I am dropping my new single exclusively with them on Jan. 19th. CMT named me a Discovery Artist and supported the music video to my single “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore”. I’m so thankful for all the support!

On where she would you like to see herself in the next 5 years as an artist…

I would like to see myself making a difference in the world with my music. I would like to build my platform so that I can start charities and influence people on subjects that really matter in our world today!

To stay up to date on all things Christina Taylor, visit her website and follow her socials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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