“I’m buying lunch. Let’s get real.” Jake Owen Celebrates New Single At Waffle House

Jake Owen brought the “Real Life” to the real people yesterday(5/27) by inviting fans to meet him for lunch at a Nashville area Waffle House to celebrate the release of his latest single, “Real Life”.  Owen let fans know where to go via a tweet to which he added. “I’m buying lunch. Let’s get real.”

The new track, preceding Owen’s upcoming album, was penned by some of Nashville’s finest songwriters Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally, Ashley Gorley and Josh Osborne.

As we creep nigh on a week away from the CMA Festival, country music’s ultimate fan experience, Jake is living up to the genre’s reputation for remaining true to life.

Owen presumably chose the spot due to the song’s lyric, “hit the Waffle House for some real food, but that waitress, she’s real rude”.

Living in Nashville it is easy to forget about the real world. Out there beyond the neon’s reach. Somewhere behind the facades and under the agendas are vestiges of the life we came here to tell stories about. “It ain’t all good baby, but it’s all right.”


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