Highlights Of Kenny Rogers’s Fall Tour

If you’re a fan of Kenny Rogers, you may well have been following his tour for the better part of a year now. It was in the spring of 2016 that he revealed the dates for his farewell tour, called “The Gambler’s Last Deal,” and stretching across the U.S. and Europe. Said Rogers at the time, “I’m excited about making one more sweep around the world.” Rogers, 78, is still able to make a nice show of some of his most well known material, and it’s nice to see an artist wrapping up his touring days on his own terms.

Sadly for fans, however, the tour is about to wrap up. Rogers will play nine more shows in September, October, and November before calling it quits. Needless to say each of the remaining shows will be a major event both for Rogers fans and for music lovers in general. You can view the full range of tour dates here, but the following should be some of the real remaining highlights.

Onamia, MN – Grand Casino Mille Lacs

This is not a huge venue, nor a particularly glamorous one, but it’s an interesting opportunity to catch “The Gambler” at a casino one last time. Casinos have changed a lot over the decades. Outside of hubs like Vegas and Atlantic City, gaming floors have become few and far between. Games have migrated to the internet, and with dozens of new mobile games being added to the ranks on a regular basis, even avid gamers don’t always feel the need to seek out casinos. But even with these changes having occurred, Rogers represents the sort of vintage appeal of this sort of entertainment. He calls to mind a sort of classic era of casino culture, and watching him play “The Gambler” for one of the last times in his touring career, in an actual casino venue, should be a treat.

Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena

This is probably the biggest show remaining on Rogers’s schedule, and it’s only fitting that it will be in Nashville, Tennessee. By any measure the world capital of country music, Nashville should be buzzing with excitement over this farewell show, and it should be an occasion to remember. Bridgestone Arena is hosting the event and calling it “All In For The Gambler,” with music stars Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Lady Antebellum, and The Flaming Lips among the star-studded lineup of performers who will warm the stage for Rogers. It ought to be about as big a celebration of country music as we’ve seen in years.

Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

It’s almost a curious place for Rogers to wrap up his career, given that the ballroom is on the boardwalk at Hampton Beach, and by this time of year it might be a little bit chilly. But this one will be special no matter what the conditions, because it’ll be the very last show Kenny Rogers plays on tour. If you can still get your hands on tickets somehow, you’ll always remember having been there.


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