Heartbreak and Cowshit: Review of White Buffalo by Ian Munsick

by N.T. McQueen

The sophomore offering from Wyoming native Ian Munsick hits all the right buttons for country fans. Touching on themes of family, faith, heartbreak and elegies to country life, each track resonates with life experiences in undeniably catchy hooks. 

Musically, Munsick doesn’t trek into new territories. Instead, he sticks with what works. Stripped down ballads, honky tonk dance tunes ready for a line dance, or brooding thoughts in minor chords all weave through the album. Using traditional country instruments while blending the more modernized heavy rhythm section in current country, the strength of this second release is in the melodies and, most importantly, the lyrics. 

Munsick isn’t shy about his love of stories and Each song on his new album are stories running the gambit of the profound to the profane. Such is life, right? Whether the tried and true topics like singing the praises of country living (“From the Horse’s Mouth”, “Ranch Hand”, “Indian Paintbrush”), revenge on a girl who broke your heart (“Barn Burner”, “Cowshit in the Morning”), pining for the girl that got away (“White Buffalo”, “Missin Her Play”, “Arrowhead”), adoration of your family (“Little Man”, “Field of Dreams”), and the importance of faith (“More Than Me”) to more less conventional odes like “Horses and Weed”, Munsick’s nasal twang and addictive melodies snatch your attention and give the listener the itch to crank up the volume, grab a cold beer at a honky tonk, and enjoy the simple life in God’s creation. 
White Buffalo checks off all the right boxes for country music fans: catchy melodies, relatable stories, and a touch of edge make Ian Munsick’s latest worth a listen and may even inspire those who listen to move to the country, raise some cattle, and embrace a life outdoors with your border collie. 


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