Harper Grae Will Make Her Debut CMA Music Fest Appearance

Harper Grae will make her debut at CMA Music Fest on June 10th, performing at the Spotlight Stage inside Music City Center.  The artist will go on at 11:30 am CT for a 45-minute performance/meet and greet.  Two weeks ago, Grae released her new single, “Bloodline,” the first song in a four-song/four -music video work called Buck Moon Medleys.

To be able to say that I am going to perform at CMA Music Fest is incredible!” Grae said. “I grew up in a really small town in Alabama, and things like this just didn’t happen to people there, but with hard work and perseverance, it does happen.”

Grae got her start in music as a cast member of the popular TV show Glee Project 2, the talent competition companion to the hit Fox series Glee. Both shows were produced by award winning producer/director Ryan Murphy, who selected Harper for the show after she auditioned for him. After her time on the program, she moved to Nashville to pursue her lifelong dream of being a country music artist.

My first memory of ever hearing country music was when I was very little,” Harper said.  “My grandfather is a great piano player – he’d bang out music on our church’s upright like Jerry Lee Lewis. We would start by rehearsing songs for church, then we’d transition into him playing songs by Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and so many other artists, and I’d be perched right next to him, belting them out at the top of my lungs. Me performing at the same festival as so many of my musical heroes, and his, will make him and my entire family so proud.”

The songs and music videos from Buck Moon Medleys will be released one at a time over the course of 2018.  The EP was co-written by Grae and some of Nashville’s most creative writers, and the project was produced by Jennifer Hanson and Nick Brophy. All music will be released through Grae Area Records/ONErpm.

For more information on Harper Grae, please visit her website at harpergraemusic.com.


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