Get “Lawn Chair Lazy” With The James Barker Band

james-barker-bandThe Candian Country group, The James Barker Band, is quickly rising the charts with their new single “Lawn Chair Lazy” in Canada. And now we can look forward to them bringing their act to the U.S.A.

The Ontario-based group is made up of James Barker, Taylor Abram, Bobby Martin and Connor Stephen. The band formed back in 2013, and in 2015 won the “Boots and Hearts” 2015 Best Emerging Artists showcase. This in turn landed them a deal with Universal Music Canada and an all-inclusive trip to Nashville.

Releasing their latest single “Lawn Chair Crazy” in May, have already reached the No. 3 spot on Canadian Country Radio. See what the band has to say about their latest single, what makes them who they are and what fans can look forward to next from the band…

Country Music Pride: Rumor has you guys know how to throw a “backyard party”…proving it in the summer video for “Lazy Lawn Chair”, give us a glimpse of what goes into planning your videos and the inspiration behind your music.

James Barker Band: We always try hard to make anything we create reflect our own lifestyles and influences, whether its our music, live performance or music videos. The inspiration behind the music video for Lawn Chair Lazy was simple; we wanted to give our viewers a glimpse into a typical weekend with the James Barker Band.

Country Music Pride: Your band won the “Boots and Hearts Emerging Artists” showcase in 2015, which landed you a deal with Universal Music Canada AND an all-inclusive trip to Nashville…as well as opening up for Thomas Rhett…what has that experience been like/meant to you for your career in Country music?

James Barker Band: Winning the Boots and Hearts 2015 Emerging Artist Showcase has been a major catalyst to our career. The contest has opened many doors within the industry like writing opportunities, the ability to book larger shows and making incredible connections which we would not have been able to do without the support of Boots and Hearts, Republic Live and Universal Music.

Country Music Pride: You released your debut single, “Lawn Chair Lazy,” early in May, and it has already reached No. 21 at Canadian country radio…what would really excite you and encourage you that could be done by our readers and fans of your that would help bring the single to the top of America’s Country radio?

James Barker Band: Our debut single, Lawn Chair Lazy, reached the number 3 position on Canadian Country radio last week. We have been overwhelmed with support from our fans through social media presence, Spotify streams, and the support at radio. We hope that this continued support will allow our next single to rise to peak positions as well!

Country Music Pride: What are some of the “dues” you’ve had to pay for “paying your dues” as up and comers? Have any almost pushed you far enough to almost quit?

James Barker Band: The James Barker Band has endured some interesting scenarios along the way. One of the toughest moments that stands out in our minds was a tour up north in Ontario where we found ourselves sleeping in an “apartment” above the bar where we had been scheduled to play three nights. The accommodations proved to be a scene out of a horror movie resulting in the band taking shifts sleeping.

Country Music Pride: Have you received any accolades from any groups or persons that you highly value?

James Barker Band: We recently had the privilege of playing as Dierks Bentley’s backing band in Toronto. The next evening at Boots and Hearts, Dierks incorporated “Lawn Chair Lazy” during “Somewhere On A Beach” on main stage to 40,000 people.

Country Music Pride: What can your fans expect from the James Barker Band next?

James Barker Band: Fans can expect a new EP, release of a new single, and a crazy schedule of shows hopefully including a tour in the near future.

Country Music Pride: I always like to ask one fun fact about you guys or experience that your fans may not know about you

James Barker Band: Fun fact; James Barker Band collectively drinks 12+ energy drinks a day.

If you haven’t already be sure to check the guys out…you are going to want to be in the know when they hit #1!

Get more information on the James Barker Band at their official website, or by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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