George Jones Museum Opens In Downtown Nashville

“Following in the footsteps of..”, is usually a phrase used when describing successors of George Jones. In this instance the country music legend is following the wild success of one of his contemporaries, Johnny Cash, by being the next iconic figure to garner a museum celebrating his life and career.

Last week the George Jones Museum opened it’s doors at 128 Second Ave North in Nashville’s Lower Broadway district. A day before opening to the public a red carpet event was held for some music city elite. Naomi Judd, Dierks Bentley, Ricky Skaggs,  Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, and John Rich (who just thinks he’s the mayor of Nashville) were some of the folks who came out for the gala.

The grand opening marked the two year anniversary of Jones’ passing. Years in which George’s widow, Nancy, has been putting much effort into creating a lasting legacy for one of the greatest voices ever to have been recorded.

“I was so touched to see how all of George’s friends came out tonight,” said Nancy Jones. “George always thought he didn’t have any friends and he’d tell me to build a museum but no one would come. Well, here we are, and everybody came!”

Boasting over 44,000 square feet of space the museum features memorabilia, videos, a gift shop, restaurant, and even a rooftop bar overlooking Nashville’s Cumberland River.

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A total of 800 guests came out in honor of George Jones, and for the first time, no one was upset that “no show Jones” did not show.


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