Faith Hill Teams Up With Kellie Pickler For New TV Talk Show

Two of country music’s blonde bombshells have announced they will be doing a new TV talk show! What could be better than starting our day with Faith Hill and Kellie Pickler ?

According to Billboard, Hill is going to be the executive producer a lifestyle series which will be co-hosted by Kellie Pickler. The show will focus on topics outside of the country music realm such as cooking, home design and gardening.

The show will shoot in Hill’s hometown of Nashville but nonetheless, celebrity and musical guests will not be a daily occurrence. “We’ve talked about Dolly Parton, we’ve talked about other country artists, but the show is not going to be about country music,” says Erspamer. “Nashville is way more than country music or country — it’s a very aspirational city that’s very hip and cool.”

Longtime “Oprah” veteran, Lisa Erspamer will be Faith’s co-executive-producer. “She has lots of great ideas. She’s also an incredible curator, so I think that’s why having her behind the scenes is really valuable for us,” says Erspamer. “Faith coming on board as an executive producer was definitely a big piece of making this work.”

The show will feature rotating guests that will be expercts in the field of the topics, joining Pickler, in addition to one or two co-hosts who have yet to be named. Hill will also be hosting some of the shows herself. Hill’s manager tells Billboard the show will be more about personal anecdotes instead of front-page tabloids and gossip…more along the lines of “Live With Kelly and Michael” and less like “The View.”



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