Exclusive Lyric Video Premier: Liz Anne Hill’s “The Fish Ain’t Biting'”

Emerging country artist Liz Anne Hill can relate to those who have ever experienced the boredoms of dating. Enjoy the lyric video for her new single, “The Fish Ain’t Biting’” right here!

I co-wrote “The Fish Ain’t Biting” with my dad after his making fun of my ill-fated love life sparked the idea.  I wrote the lyrics from a place of being at my wits end with dating, and I drew inspiration from friends who have some incredible Tinder horror stories.”

The singer-songwriter from Southern California co-wrote this song with her dad, and the tongue-in-cheek lyrics show off her fiery personality. The two wanted to convey the struggles of modern dating, and boy did they hit the nail right on the head!

At my core, I’m a hopeless romantic and and incurable optimist: I believe that everyone can find true love in their lifetime. However, I know from personal experience that dating can feel more awkward and painful than losing your balance and falling into a cactus patch,” Liz Anne comments of the single.

Equipped with a striking voice, and songs that highlight an irresistible ability to wear her heart on her sleeve…Liz Anne Hill is ready to make her mark on this generation of country music fans.

I hope that listeners can hear the lyrics and tone of the song and laugh along with me, and if you ever find yourself questioning “is it me or is it them?”… just remember it’s THEM!”

For more information on Liz Anne Hill, visit her website and follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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