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Danielle Peck "Can't Behave" Big Machine Records

Whether she’s succumbed to temptation or triumphed over tears, Danielle Peck’s latest album is a healthy compilation of fresh and familiar. Her sassy, seductive tone rolls through her rhythms, naturally ebbing and flowing with the song’s tide. Peck’s sharp, edgy sound has been placed in the foreground of a pop-vibed band, making for an upbeat musical environment. Her sound is not revolutionary – for example, the vocals in Can’t Behave could be mistaken for the work of Shania Twain. Other songs are reminiscent of Terri Clark, but her voice absolutely conjures up “Johnny and June” by Heidi Newfield. Fans of these artists, as well as Ashton Shepherd, will likely enjoy this album.

As for the meat and potatoes, a few tracks stand out as particularly filling. The leadoff song “Bad For Me” is an honest and relatable story of how usually we want what we shouldn’t have. I can see how women in particular can find themselves in the lyrics, so it makes sense as a leadoff to lure listeners further into the album’s musical clutches. Peck slows down for the powerful “That’s What Angels Do,” which had a nice arrangement and exceptional vocal execution, as well as “She Just Likes to Cry” a sadly soft song.

My main criticism falls with title track “Can’t Behave,” which comes across too poppy for my liking. In this Shania-esque song, the music is a bit too happy, almost to the level of Disney. The album in totality did a lot of things well. Peck shows herself to be a talented vocalist with pipes rivaling some of country’s trademark crooners; however I’d like to see her next album push the envelope more. I feel like a lot of her songs play familiar and an infusion of creative energy and a no-holds-barred approach would allow her to reach her full potential as an artist.


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