Country Superstar John Michael Montgomery Delivers Touching Christmas Gift

During Christmas time, in the aftermath of 9/11, John Michael Montgomery sat down to write a song for his small children, Madison (4yrs) and Walker (2yrs).  He wanted to them to know how much he loved them and he wondered what kind of world they would grow up in if he were not around, and what a dad would say if it were his last prayer for his children.

What spilled out of Montgomery that day was a message of hope.  He recorded the song called “A Daddy’s Prayer” and included it on his holiday album MR SNOWMAN, which was released in 2003.

As John Michael has been observing world events and hardship right here at home this past year, he was reminded of the song he wrote so many years ago and was moved to shoot a new video for it, hoping that he might share his message during this season of hope.

I’ve been wanting to do a video on this song ever since I wrote it after 9/11, because its story line is about how our lives would be forever changed,” says John Michael.  “Little did I know 15 years later this song hits home as much as it did back then.”

For more information on John Michael, visit his website and follow him on Facebook.


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