Country Riser LJ Hopes To Spread Light And Unity With Her Music

It is hard to believe it has been a few months since LJ released her debut single! The rising singer/songwriter is undeniably an artist to watch in country music, and she just dropped her newest single, “Vegas” this month.

LJ has an infectious love of life, unwavering faith, and relatable charisma…all of which she weaves into her music. LJ moved from Houston, TX to Nashville and signed with RED Creative Group, soon after developing a foundation of songs for her debut project.

On what message she would like for her fans to take away when listening to her music…

I want my music to leave my fans inspired even if they are going through heartache. I want to spread light and honesty with my music in a way that makes people feel understood through the good times and the bad.

LJ has worked with producers Jeremy Stover & Paul DiGiovanni on her new music, and her debut single, “Scarecrow” has garnered over 170,000 streams on Spotify.

You can hear her latest single, “Suit Yourself” here.

LJ official website


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