Country Music Trio Carter’s Chord Release “Sh*T Country Singers/Songwriters Say”

Country music trio “Carter’s Chord” release their version of “Sh*T Country Singers/Songwriters Say”, a creative spoof for sheer enjoyment to, for and about the country music industry.

If you could “do it all over again”, you know, get a second chance at following your dreams, did you ever think that perhaps you might want to try your hand at country music singing/songwriting? Well, for those of you out there that think you might or for those of you out there that are following that direction, the Carter’s Chord sisters share some cold hard truth about the industry.

It’s more grueling than you might think.


Country music artists do more than, you know, sit around writing and pitching songs, making records, touring and collecting large sums of money for that exhausting line of entertainment work. They also work very hard at broadening their horizons, diversifying their artistry and keeping abreast of ever-changing market trends.

We’ve joined the masses in creating our own “sh*t people say” video. And it’s only appropriate that we poke fun at ourselves and our peers: country music singers and songwriters.

Watch as Show Dog – Universal Music recording trio “Carter’s Chord” takes you behind the scenes of country music.

Carter’s Chord “Sh*T Country Singers/Songwriters Say”

Be sure to check out where the Carter’s Chord sisters feel “A Little Less Comfortable”.


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