Concert Review: Little Big Town’s Pain Killer Tour Featuring Maren Morris & Drake White And The Big Fire

The Swiftel Center was packed early this past Saturday night (October 24th)  to see the up and coming star Maren Morris. When first approaching the stage, I was shocked to see this beautiful, small, young girl with her guitar and only one other guitarist standing on stage with her belting out an unfamiliar tune.

Maren Morris is a powerful performer who held the crowd in her hands with just her guitar and her raspy, Maren Morrisold school country voice. I had heard rumblings that she may be the next “Miranda” and after seeing her in person I know for sure…she’s the real deal. She is transitioning from being an established song writer to now being up on stage herself, singing her own songs. She had the crowd up on their feet for her single “My Church” and left us all racing to the swag table to meet her.

Meeting Maren was a huge highlight of the evening. She is so down to earth and could not have been more excited to meet her fans. She signed autographed and took pictures until the all of her fans had the chance to meet her. If you get a change do not miss seeing her before she gets too big and you don’t get your shot!

12179210_660051376074_224077034_nDrake White and the Big Fire Band took the stage by storm. This was the first time I had heard Drake White and left me wanting to go find all of his music. He’s not only easy on the eye, but his voice takes you on a journey all his own. He is a wonderful cross of country, blue grass and southern rock.

Once hearing him you feel like you already know all of his songs. He was such a treat to see live and had the crowd on their feet, hands in the air and already in full party mood long before Little Big Town hit the stage.  He is going to be another one to keep your eye out for. He is well on his way to being a huge artist.  To get a taste of his music, look up his song “Heartbeat,” I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Up next, what we had been waiting for all night…the main event. The stage went dark (as did the entire arena) and all of a sudden you hear the bulbs of a neon sign buzzing and PAIN KILLER lights up each side of the stage. Here they were, Little Big Town in the flesh!  You hear the familiar whistle and you know you are being swept up in “Day Drinking”!! All hands AND drinks were in the air, the crowd going wild!!

The harmonies that come from Little Big Town are like none other I’ve ever heard before…experiencing it in person is a dream come true. They knew what they were doing with their Pain Killer tour and they took us all on a journey throughout the night of their latest album, which they are up for CMA Album of the Year. With new hits, “Pain Killer,” “Quit Breaking Up With Me,” “Tumble And Fall” and “Good People,” you knew they had perfected this album and this tour.

12179354_660051351124_1302873444_nI was impressed with the simplicity of the show. There were no huge screens rather they had had spotlights coming from behind and all 4 of them took a different section of the stage and really engaged the crowd. It made it a very intimate and electric show.

Everyone who came to see Little Big Town had to have felt like they showed up to see each specific individual. It was also so enjoyable to hear all of our favorite Little Big Town hits from “Pontoon,” “Little White Church,” “Your Side Of The Bed” to “Boondocks”, even an amazing cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” The vocals on “Jolene” were out of this world.

Little Big Town brought down the house when a huge disco ball drop down from the ceiling and a big shadow of a half-moon appeared on the side of the arena and Karen Fairchild started belting out “Girl Crush.” The entire arena was singing along, what a surreal experience!!

If you get your chance do not miss seeing Little Big Town in person. It gives you the same feelings as seeing one of your best friends you haven’t seen in years. It will leave you in awe of pure talent and   your heart warmed from sweet country music. Be sure to tune in to the CMA awards November 4th. Little Big Town has my vote for Vocal Duo Of The Year for sure!!


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