Cherish Lee Shines Light On The Overdose Epidemic With New Single

Following the success of, “Tequila Cowgirl”, Cherish Lee is back with the heartfelt and personal ballad, “Ones You Leave Behind”. This emotional tune delves into the long-lasting ramifications of drug use and the pain of losing a loved one while life continues around you. The official music video exclusively premiered on

The song strikes a chord with every person who has ever lost a loved one…especially to the growing drug overdose epidemic. Cherish’s soothing yet powerful vocals capture a hopeful sadness accompanied by soft and elegant instrumentation. The music video, produced by Cherish Lee and directed by Stacia Crawford was shot at downtown Nashville’s 506 Lofts providing a beautiful backdrop to the intimate song. It features Cherish’s young son, Reese Witherspoon’s niece, Draper and Coley Jamison portraying her beloved brother, Johnny. The storyline offers a glimpse into Cherish’s personal battle with tragedy coupled with lighthearted, tender moments.

Ones You Leave Behind is a glance into one of those breathtaking moments where everything continues while you’re standing there holding the heaviness of loss. Every time I perform this song people come up to me and hug me saying they’re going through the same thing or crying because they’ve lost someone…,” Cherish says, “This song is for everyone that have been affected by the devastating drug epidemic, and most of all it’s for my love, my light, my Brother Bear, Johnny Lee II. Hopefully ‘Ones You Leave Behind’ helps people to take a step forward in their new lives without that person they love so much.”

Cherish’s brother, Johnny, passed away in 2014 due to a heroin overdose. Ever since, Cherish has used her platform to advocate for the removal of this devastating drug, along with countless others, from the streets. Through one voice, she hopes to unite everyone in the fight against the drug epidemic quickly claiming our communities and homes. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to the 24-hour DrugFree hotline to speak with a specialist: (800) 420-9064. #AlwaysRemember #NoMoreHeroin #NoMoreOverdoses

“Ones You Leave Behind” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all digital retailers.

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