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Casey Donahew Throws “All Night Party” In Nashville Celebrating New Album Release

Casey DonahewCasey Donahew Throws All Night Party in Nashville Celebrating New Album Release…and WE got to chat with him!

If you’re not familiar with independent artist Casey Donahew you need to check him out.  He recently released his latest album titled “All Night Party” and it debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart.  In an industry where the same 40 or so artists own the airwaves that’s an accomplishment to be very proud of.

Casey is quite happy to be his own boss alongside his wife who is also his manager.  There’s a simple reason behind Casey’s success; he’s just that good.  Casey writes most of his own music and approaches everyday topics from a different angle that makes his songs relatable yet unique and fun.  If you like true country you’re going to love Casey Donahew.  He’s got a large dedicated fan base and sells out venues nationwide.

“All Night Party” isn’t the Texas native’s first studio album.  It is his 7th.  He began his career back in 2002.  It isn’t the first album to chart either.  His 3 previous albums that have charted include “Moving On”, “Double-Wide Dream” and “Standoff”.  There is something different about Casey’s latest album though; it was his first time using a big producer, previously Casey had produced himself.

For the latest album, Casey partnered with hit producer Josh Leo.  His fans needn’t worry though as it was very important to him to keep his sound.  The first single on the latest album is titled “Kiss Me” and is already nominated for CMT 12-Pack; currently sitting at #5.

Casey Donahew was recently in Nashville performing to a full venue at 3rd and Lindsey.  The crowd went crazy when he came on stage and he kept them on their feet singing along through his entire set.  Country Music Pride was able to sit down with him before the show to discuss what it’s like to be an independent artist in today’s market, his latest album and his life.  Check out the interview below:

Country Music Pride: Rumor has it you didn’t set out to be a country music singer, it just organically happened.  Give us some insight to how your career in country music came to fruition?

Casey Donahew: I was into all kinds of things.  I didn’t really start playing guitar until I was 18 and a freshman in college.  My roommate played and got me excited about playing. I tried to play before, my Grandpa played but it never really stuck.  When I got to college I got a guitar from him again and taught myself how to play.  I always loved the idea I just never thought of it as a practical career choice.

casey-donahew-1Country Music Pride: When did you realize that is was a practical career choice?

Casey Donahew: When we started in 2002 my wife was our manager, then and now.  We both still had full-time jobs until 2008 and then I think we both realized this was big enough that we could really focus on music.

Country Music Pride: You have 12 #1 singles on the Texas music charts and have in turned gained a large fan following.  With your latest album “All Night Party” what do you hope your fans take away from the album?

Casey Donahew: I hope they enjoy it that’s the main thing.  I hope they put it in and listen to it from start to finish and appreciate every song on there.  We’ve spent 3 years really working on it and we’re really proud of it.  We made sure we kept doing what we’ve always done but just stepped it up a notch.

Country Music Pride: This is your first time with outside producers, tell us about that experience?

Casey Donahew: We worked with a fellow named Josh Leo who’s been in Nashville a long time making records.  Making hit records, he has a history of 28 or so Billboard #1s.  It was interesting, you know I produced our other records.  I Iearned some stuff, a few little tricks here and there, it was really enjoyable.  He was a pro and made it worthwhile.

Country Music Pride: You were a co-writer on “Kiss Me”, what was your inspiration for the song?

Casey Donahew: You know I think it’s a pretty common tail.  There’s a lot of those awkward feelings of when that first kiss is gonna happen in any relationship but you know my idea was really the couple that had been friends probably longer than both of them wanted to be friends and trying to wade through that awkwardness of not wanting to ruin your friendship with the next level.

Country Music Pride: What are some of the dues you’ve had to pay for paying your dues as an up and comer?  Have any almost pushed you far enough to almost quit?

Casey Donahew: [chuckles] Ya know the great thing about being an independent artist is that no one really tells me what to do.  So we’ve been really fortunate in our career to blaze our own trail and not have to stick to the conformity that some people are bound to.  We were able to make our own rules, make our own business model and do it on our own which made it more rewarding I think.

Country Music Pride: Anybody you’ve met that you look up to? 

Casey Donahew: Yeah, I did meet Garth one time but he didn’t tell me I was great or anything. 

Country Music Pride: How was meeting Garth?

Casey Donahew: It was pretty great.  We were at a pretty dressed up function but I took off my boot and had him autograph it cause I thought, well maybe I’ll never meet Garth again.  It was really cool to see how humble he was.  He was a superstar among the stars.

Country Music Pride: Musical inspirations?

Casey Donahew: Elvis, Garth, George Strait, Rolling Stones, Matchbox 20, Alan Jackson, Chris LeDoux; I’m all over the place.

Country Music Pride: What’s one fun fact that your fans may not know about you?

Casey Donahew: I still like to team rope.  Uh, we’re so boring.  I love to hunt and fish and hang out with my little boys.  That’s about as wild as I get.

Country Music Pride: Most embarrassing moment on stage?

Casey Donahew: Oh man, [chuckles] maybe 4 or 5 years ago I was really sick and had to have surgery in my sinuses.  It was when we were making the “Double-Wide Dream” record and it was brutal just to get through the record.  I was taking a lot of medicines and sprays.  It was so bad they had to drill out my head to clear it out.  I was using the netti pot all the time, like 2-3 times a day.  This might be too embarrassing, [laughs] it doesn’t matter I don’t care.  I was onstage somewhere leaning over getting ready to rock, I had done the netti pot right before and this whole stream of water just comes flowing out.  There’s no telling what the people who could see it thought that was.

Country Music Pride: You have a very loyal fan base, what does that mean to you?

Casey Donahew: You know that’s everything.  That gives us the power to still be an independent artist and do what we want.

Country Music Pride: What can your fans expect next from Casey Donahew?

Casey Donahew: We’re going to get out and push this record and we’re excited about pursuing our first national radio song.  We’re excited to see the fruit that this is going to bare and if it changes things for us or if it doesn’t we’re going to keep doing what we do and keep being us and pretty soon we’ll start working on a new record.

Show your support for Casey by voting for the music video for “Kiss Me” on CMT and Taste of Country.

You can find out about more about Casey Donahew and his tour dates on his website and watch his EPK here; as well as the usual social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Josie Bisto


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