Carrie Underwood Has Some Big News For Her Fans

Country music’s sweetheart Carrie Underwood has a big surprise in store for her fans tonight! Underwood is set to share some exciting news and take questions from her fans during a Facebook chat this Thursday, August 20, at 5 PM ET. If you would like to join in on the excitement, visit Carrie’s official Facebook page at

Following her Facebook announcement, you can catch Underwood on Entertainment Tonight airing at 7:30 Pm ET.

Carrie Underwood Announcement

While no one knows what her announcement will be, there is a lot of speculation. We are hoping that the news has something to do with the new album she’s been working on, or maybe even a new tour? Or both would be even better! It’s been almost three years since Underwood’s last full album of new songs and we’ve been awaiting patiently for some new music from the country hitmaker. Underwood has been teasing a new album on social media and told Country Countdown USA in June that she’s been laying down vocals for the project.

We’re off to more than a great start.  We’ve been recording, I’ve been in the studio, I’ve laid vocals down, background vocals, there’s still a few steps to go, but it shouldn’t be too long.”

There have been so many exciting changes in Carrie’s life since the release of her 2012 album Blown Away. The most important, the birth of her son, Isaiah Michael. Underwood assures us that there will more than likely be a song dedicated to her new son on her next project.

It’s impossible to not let your life affect things.  There’s one song that will probably make it on the album that’s about my husband and our baby, it’s really sweet, and I’m happy to have that life magic happening in the room, and he’ll be able to look back at it and say ‘That’s about me!’”

What do you think Carrie’s big announcement will be? Be sure to tune in, I guarantee you won’t want to miss it!



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