Can We Get A Big Ole Hallelujah For Maren Morris!

We all need a little help from country music to get us through the day sometimes.  “Spotlight On Country” playlist on Spotify has been instrumental in introducing me to new artists…one of them that has grabbed my attention every time I hear her music in playlist rotation is Maren Morris.

Morris, the 25-year old Texas native, is responsible for penning hits with the likes of Shane McAnally, Natalie Hemby and Chris DeStefano as well as writing songs such as Tim McGraw’s “Last Turn Home” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Second Wind.” Now a resident of Nashville, she has been a fixture on the local songwriting scene since she arrived to town in 2013.

But Morris, on top of being an exceptional song writer, is also an exceptional solo artist. With songs that showcase her explosive southern roar, adding a few hints of pop and soul, on top of lyrics that are brutally honest realities of modern life and stories of love.

Her self-titled debut EP was released on Spotify back in August and is taking the country music world by storm. Her EP could play on repeat all day and I’d never get sick of it. Although every track on the EP is incredibly infectious, “My Church” is my favorite, this track’s funky/fun beat is perfect for a drive out in the country (or through the city) with the windows down.

“I’ve cursed on a Sunday/I’ve cheated and I’ve lied

I’ve fallen down from grace/A few too many times

But I find holy redemption/When I put this car in drive

Roll the windows down and turn up the god

Can I get a hallelujah…

Can I get an amen”

Morris was signed to Sony Music Nashville in September and is currently working on her debut album.  You can catch Maren on the road this Fall with Sam Hunt and Little Big Town.

Click HERE to purchase “My Church” #Amen #Preach #MyChurch

Fans can keep up with everything Maren Morris is up to  on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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