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Brandy Clark Gets Set To Release Her Upcoming Album “Big Day In A Small Town”

Grammy-nominated singer & songwriter Brandy Clark is preparing for the release of her sophomore album, “Big Day in a Small Town”, due June 10th. The album is full of Brandy’s overflowing character and sass. The album features songs which she has based on some real life characters from her hometown in Morton, Washington… population 1,126. Others are based on people she’s encountered during her travels while others are just made up situations she came up with all on her own and some are just a little bit of it all.

I love a character. I love to write about characters. I love to surround myself with characters. I just think they’re interesting. Of course, there’s a lot of me in all these songs, but I sometimes can write best and sing best if I think about a character—almost like it’s a movie. And I play the movie out in my mind as I write it,” Brandy stated.

The album produced by Jay Joyce is Brandy’s 11 song contribution to her fans…all of which she wrote or co-wrote. Ironically the progression of hits is more like a story being told.

From “Homecoming Queen”, about a girl who reminisces about her crown and wonders where the last 10 years have gone to the “Girl Next Door”, about the girl who refuses to fit her lover’s want for someone more like “Marcia Brady” and “Broke” about a couple who are living on every dime…barely getting by, each song has a story to tell…featuring the different “characters” we may come across in life.

I think the mom in ‘Big Day in a Small Town’ is my favorite character on the album,” says Brandy. “She’s been telling her daughter she’s been gaining weight, and then she goes down to the principal’s office and finds out she’s pregnant. It’s a very different situation, but I think about a boy I went to high school with [when singing that song]. He was dipping tobacco and spitting it in a Coke can. He went to school and his mom took a swig of it. She came down to the school, he got called to our principal’s office and she made him drink it. To me, that’s the mom. It’s that woman—that’s who I think about.”

“Big Day in a Small Town” Complete Track Listing:Brandy-Clark-album-Big-Day-in-a-Small-Town-2016-1500px-300x300

1. “Soap Opera”

2. “Girl Next Door”

3. “Homecoming Queen”

4. “Broke”

5. “You Can Come Over”

6. “Love Can Go to Hell”

7. “Big Day in a Small Town”

8. “Three Kids No Husband”

9. “Daughter”

10. “Drinkin’, Smokin’, Cheatin’”

11. “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven”

For more information on Brandy Clark, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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