Brad Paisley concert leads to 46 arrests in N.Y.

I don’t know if there’s anything more humiliating than being drunk and disorderly in public — except maybe being in the local paper for being drunk and disorderly in public. After Brad Paisley‘s show in Darien Lake, N.Y. on Friday night (June 18), the local police made 46 arrests. Two guys for fighting with security, one guy for third-degree assault, one for trespassing (he went back into the venue after being kicked out) and then a whole bunch for disorderly conduct. But the biggest group was the 38 people charged with under-age drinking. Now, I know Paisley sings a lot about how alcohol “has influenced kings and world leaders” and how you’re gonna “catch all the fish and drink all the beer,” but c’mon. The irony here is that Paisley himself doesn’t even drink. I can’t help wondering about those 38 kids who had the intent to consume alcohol. How did they get their hands on it? And if you are drinking that much, will you even remember the concert?

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