Boone Interview

This week I had a conversation with singer/songwriter Boone. The current single is “Summer Girls” and Boone has been out promoting the song with some good old fashioned hand shaking. We talked about the road, being a newbie in Nashville, and he gave an awesome behind the scenes story regarding the making of the Summer Girls video. Definitely go check the video out. You will not be disappointed. Somewhere in there I mention the “ice bucket challenge” when talking about social media, but I promise Boone’s music and creativity are far more current than my references.

You’re out there pushing the new single. How’s the road treating you:

It’s great, man. I love seeing new places, get to do some fishing, that’s always good. We’re doing about four stations a day, about a week at a time. We’ve been on the road for six weeks now. It’s refreshing. When we started the radio tour we had the option to do a lot of it by satellite. But for me that defeats the whole purpose. There’s no connections, personally. I like to talk to the radio guys, talk to the listeners. find out what they want.


When did you realize it was time to hit Nashville:

When I graduated high school the last thing I had on my mind was going to college. I decided senior year to book a hotel in Nashville and see what it’s about. Go to the writer’s rounds, check’em out. See where I am compared to those guys. So I went down, and oh gosh, I was so discouraged after the first night I was there that I cancelled the rest of the three days and I went back home. I remember going to three different writer’s rounds and I heard some of the most amazing music. And then at the end of the night they were like, “yeah, I’ve been here for five years and ain’t got a cut.” I thought, damn, I can’t compete with these guys. So I went back and went to college and started writing harder till I had something to bring.


On networking in Nashville:

I’ve busted my butt going to writer’s rounds and handing a business card to everybody. But that’s never been where it worked. Where it worked has been when I meet someone in a weird situation. Once you establish that connection you can start collaborating together. I think that’s the most organic way to do it, and it works.

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