Available Now: Indigo Summer Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

Emerging country duo, Indigo Summer, released their self-titled debut album on Friday, October 20th. The duo, comprised of Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix, are each experienced singer-songwriters in their own right. Edwards and Nix initially joined forces as songwriters, but the chemistry was undeniable. The two quickly started performing together…the rest, as they say, is history!

The duo is excited to introduce themselves to the world with their debut album…

This album is our big ‘Hello!’ to the world. This body of work fully represents the beginning of who we are. I know we will grow as artists, but this is our foundation and the house we are building is big enough for everyone,” says Edwards.

As the duo’s name suggests, Indigo Summer’s music is fun and energetic. Their songs are true to their country roots yet they are not scared to push the boundaries of today’s country music. Pushing the confines was exactly what they did with their debut album.

The members of Indigo Summer are proud to have co-written all twelve songs on their debut album. Produced by the Indigo Summer’s own Bryan Edwards and David Dorn, the duo was able to shape a fresh new sound.

This is our first album as a duo. I am proud of all of the songs on this record, as well as, the unique sound we created. There are lots of upbeat, fun, beachy songs that I think will have people singing along with their windows rolled down, and then there are a few very vulnerable, emotion-driven songs. There is definitely a song for everyone on this album,” continues Nix.

Enjoy the summer a little longer, listen to “A1A,” the first song released from Indigo Summer’s debut album HERE.

Indigo Summer Complete Track Listing:
  1. Ah Yeah (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix, Andrea Pearson)
  2. Lookin’ Like That (Bryan Edwards)
  3. Wants What It Wants (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix)
  4. A1A (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix, Larry McCoy)
  5. Something You Miss (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix, Colby Dee)
  6. #Summertime (Bryan Edwards, Ronny Criss)
  7. Pop Fizz Clink (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix, Jessica Roadcap)
  8. Not To (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix)
  9. Hate Loving You (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix, Adam Bruno)
  10. Before Tonight (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix)
  11. Girl Like You (Bryan Edwards, Ronny Criss, Kyle Jennings)
  12. Slow Down Summer (Bryan Edwards, Hope Nix)

For more information on Indigo Summer visit their website and stay connected with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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