According To Daryle Singletary “There’s Still A Little Country Left”

Daryle Singletary sounds like a man on a mission in his latest album, There’s Still a Little Country Left, which dropped nationwide in music stores and online yesterday, July 28th. The album marks his first release since 2009’s, Rockin’ in the Country. With his latest album, Daryle remains true to his roots, which he describes as “hardcore country traditionalist.”

“When I moved to Nashville in 1990, I left Georgia telling my Daddy, ‘I want to make my living in country music,’” Daryle says. For him, country music means the kind of traditional country he grew up listening to. Each selection on There’s Still A Little Country Left harkens back to Country at its core. Daryle takes a no-holds-barred approach to the subject as well, underscoring his theme with the album’s opening number, “Get Out of My Country.”

“There’s Still A Little Country Left” Complete Track Listing:

there's still a little country left1.   Get Out Of My Country

2.   Say Hello To Heaven

3.   Sunday Mornin’ Kind Of Town

4.   Spilled Whiskey

5.   Like Family

6.   So Much Different Than Before

7.   Enough To Lie To Me

8.   Wanna Be That Feeling

9.   Too Late To Save The World

10. There’s Still A Little Country Left

11.  I’m The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised (feat. Johnny Paycheck)

“Daryle Singletary might just be my favorite country singer to have emerged from the 90s…” – Duncan Warwick, Country Music People Magazine

His roots lie in rural Georgia, where Daryle grew up listening to Keith Whitley and Randy Travis, his all-time favorites. It was a relationship that would continue to grow throughout the years, ultimately leading to Daryle’s 1995 Giant Records release, Daryle Singletary, an album Travis co-produced.

That album led to several hit singles, including “Too Much Fun” and “I Let her Lie.” Daryle’s love for hardcore country is as visible now as it was back in 1995, and his passion for songwriting is evident. Daryle says his album was written specifically for his fans.

“My fans are not fans of the bro-country movement, which doesn’t bother me a bit,” he says. “They’re people who like it real, and that’s what I give them.”

Fan’s don’t have to wait any longer, either. There’s Still a Little Country Left hit music stores July 28th. So don’t wait, get yours today!

For more information on Daryle Singletary visit his website at and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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