A Year After It’s Release John Rich’s Redneck Riviera Is Exceeding All Expectations

A year ago, country music artist John Rich held a press conference at his Nashville mansion to announce the release of his very own line of whiskey.  Best known for his collaborations with Big Kenny Alphin, who together comprise the popular duo Big and Rich, John is a spirited entrepreneur venturing in all directions with prosperous results.

Beyond performing, he is a highly respected songwriter and producer in the Nashville community.  John has also journeyed into the commercial market, successfully creating his own lifestyle brand- Redneck Riviera marketed towards the working class; which began as a clothing and home decor line and has since grown into a chain of restaurants and most recently his own whiskey line.

Last year John walked us through the creation process of his whiskey; from how it was named after family vacations to the Redneck Riviera as a child to taste testing over 200 variations to find the perfect blend before getting the final product approved by his grandmother.  Since it’s release last February, RNR Whiskey has surpassed it’s goal of selling 5,000 cases across 10 states to an impressive 20,000 case reaching 41 states.

It’s mind boggling to me and very humbling” and stated it “reminds me of what it feels like to have your first hit song…” Rich states of it’s success.

Created for the working class with a “work hard, play hard” slogan, a modest price tag and a ridiculously smooth taste it’s no wonder that the year’s sales have exceeded all expectations; with hopes that sales will double to triple this year.  Rich also announced that in the next few weeks he’ll be rolling out the Granny Rich Reserve.  The new blend will be “a little more aged and refined just like she is,” bumping from 80 to 86 proof, coincidentally Granny’s current age.

From his patriotic boots to the decor in his home and the label of his whiskey bottle it is clear that John Rich is proud to be an American; so it’s no surprise that he has found a way of incorporating that patriotism into his brand.  10% of sales from every bottle of Redneck Riviera are donated to a cause dear to his heart.  Folds of Honor is a non-profit who’s mission is “to provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members,” and RNR sales have already provided college grants to over 40 individuals this year.

The event held in the club level of Rich’s hilltop home featured a full bar, catered snacks and also a chat with Big Kenny before the duo hit John’s in-home stage and performed a few songs, followed by performances by Kathie Lee Gifford and Jason Michael Carroll.  The event then moved downtown wrapping up at Rich’s Redneck Riviera Bar on lower Broadway.

Big and Rich released a new single “Brand New Buzz” this past November which has already been generating quite the buzz, and are set to hit the road this year with plans to stop in around 60 cities.

Check out their website bigandrich.com to see if they’ll be coming to your city!  Also, be sure to follow Big and Rich, John Rich, Redneck Riviera and Redneck Riviera Whiskey on social media to keep up with all things to do with John and his exciting adventures.

Written by Josie Bisto for Country Music Pride


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