A Time For Family

It’s been a big year for country music. Pop has ingratiated itself among vestigial traditionalists – while artists like Eric Church and Miranda Lambert diverged from the norm, Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton reminded us that real music still prevails given the fans know where to find it, myriad high profile divorces was a blight, but hey, at least Luke Bryan stopped singing about getting girls drunk and taking them into the woods. So there’s that.

I have been getting the vibe as of late, being here in Nashville and as a general fan of country, that the animosity regarding the different facets of our fair genre is beginning to wain. The dust has settled and everyone seems to have found their place.

We will always have radio to give us that fun new pop version of country, but if this past CMA Awards taught us anything it’s that there are really great artists making really great music that you have probably never heard of.

We are in a time of music, nay! – all entertainment, receding into a parochial market system. Gone are the days of labels making artists famous. Now that artist has to have a following before a label will even look at them. Which means that sweet sweet cream, or in other words, what fans like, will rise to the top.

Sure there will always be those who strive for more, and that’s great. We need celebrities. Otherwise, who’s sextapes will we watch? But, if one so chooses to simply make a living doing what they love, it’s feasible. And it’s feasible because we know fans want it.

Like most of my recent articles this has really just been an advert for local music. Invest a little time and I promise you will find a world of awesomeness you never knew existed. Be a part of your local music scene and when you find someone you like, buy their stuff. Who knows, you may see them on stage with Justin Timberlake some day.

It appeared that we saw three generations of country music at that show. Just like in a family the older folks sometimes don’t get what the youngun’s are into. Drama and all, we’re still a country music family.

Here’s to another great year in country music!


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