‘3 Girls Rock Into A Bar’…Coming This Saturday To The Small Town Country Music Festival


Written by Jennifer Shaw

Together these 3 Ladies will “Rock Into A Bar”… Coming to the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds this Saturday…September 3rd in Winston-Salem, NC.

Amazing music, fun for the whole family, this is a must see event the country Trio will have you talking and singing along with their tunes!

Natalie Stovall, a multi-instrumentalist, multi-talented, country singer… Natalie Stovall  is best known for her violin playing.  She was raised in Columbia Tennessee,  started taking lessons at age 4, performing professionally at age 10, and making her Grand Ole Opry debut at age 12. Stovall then started a band, The Drive; in 2006. She released a six-song EP, “Standing My Ground,” at Hat Factory Records in 2010. Then in early 2013 Hit Shop Records president  Skip Bishop saw a show in Nashville,  signed the group to the label, and put them in a studio to work on a debut full length album .

Ruthie Collins, an American musician, singer – songwriter, banjo player, and guitarist. She was born in New York, lives in Nashville TN now, and sings like an authentic Bluegrass singer. She started singing, playing piano, and violin at 3. She attended Berkley in Boston at 18 for 3 and ½ years; however, 1 semester before she would graduate, she moved to Nashville in 2006 to be a songwriter. She spent a few years in a duo called Wild Honey before she became a soloist. Ruthie is drawn to great things rather they are timeless or brand new and that’s what inspires her great music!!!

Kelleigh Bannen, lived nearly all her life in Nashville but was in her twenties before she considered pursuing music as a career. Bannen enjoyed writing songs and occasionally performing for fun… she launched her own business , making and selling jewelry, which gave her flexible hours to work on songwriting, and eventually she decided to perform before larger audiences … So in 2008 she released an independent album “Radio Skies.” In 2012 EMI’s Nashville division signed her to a record deal. Within months she released a new single “Sorry On The Rocks,” and in 2014 she released her second single entitled “Famous” which made an impact on country radio.

If you are looking for something fun to do this Labor Day weekend check out these 3 ladies “rockin’ into the bar” at the Small Town Country Music Festival.

For more information and tickets to the fair, click here.


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