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New Music Friday: Carrie Underwood Releases Newest Single “Heartbeat”

What better than a surprise from Carrie Underwood to get us through our Friday? Underwood surprised fans with “Heartbeat,” the newest single from her “Storyteller” album. The new love song is straight from the heart and paints a glowing picture of love would look like under the moonlight.

Tonight I wanna drive so far and only find static on the radio / We can’t see those city lights and I like the way you look in firefly glow / Saying everything without making a sound / A cricket choir in the background / Underneath the harvest moon / Standing on your shoes in my bare feet / Dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat.”

And it doesn’t stop there…the second verse is even more personal than the first:

I wanna feel it like a kick drum / Beating faster in your chest / I wanna feel you holding on to me / Make me hold my breath / You pull me closer, my head on your shoulder / Baby we won’t need a song / Make a falling star wish, one more slow kiss / What are we waiting on.”

Fans will be able to get “Heartbeat” (as well as “Smoke Break“) when they pre-order “Storyteller” on iTunes. She called today “new music Friday” on Twitter,  were hoping that means we can expect another new song next Friday before her album is released on October 23rd!

Listen to Carrie Underwood’s new single “Heartbeat” here:


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