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Luke Bryan To Release Final Spring Break Album “Checkin’ Out” On March 10

I guess everyone has heard by now, Luke Bryan is checkin’ out of spring break albums at the tender age of 38. All jokes aside Luke’s spring break releases and concerts were something I always admired. Not only do his fans get a little extra music, but the songs pander to a specific niche market.

There is a sect of young men and women that enjoy that type of country so he marketed it directly to them. I am trying not to use the term “bro” or “pop”, I suppose party country would suffice.

Luke’s final spring break record is entitled Spring Break…Checkin’ Out  and will be available March 10. This marks seven years of the spring break EPs. This one will be a full length album featuring five original songs and all six songs from last years EP.

Taking it one step farther, WalMart is offering a special collection, Luke Bryan Spring Break…The Setlist: The Complete Spring Break Collection.   This limited edition will contain all twenty-five songs plus a forty-eight page magazine featuring interviews and photos from throughout the years.

To celebrate the end of an era Luke will be performing two free shows at Spinnaker Beach Club in Panama City, FL. March 11 and 12. Last year’s shows drew over 230,000 ardent college age fans out for the intoxicated… I mean, intoxicating performance.

I poke fun but have to admit, one may catch me rocking out to a few of the tunes from past EPs. They are good fun songs. I have to wonder though, with such a lucrative and loyal following built up, will the torch get passed? With so much new talent in the country genre there are myriad names running through my head right now to take over spring break. I think Cole Swindell could own that. We shall see.

“We’ve created a lot of amazing memories writing these songs and performing them at the beach shows in Florida. Those concerts were among the most enjoyable of my career.” – Luke Bryan

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