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Gary Allan Releases His Brand New Single “Hangover Tonight”

Gary Allan releases his brand new single, “Hangover Tonight”, and it is the most lighthearted love song in a decade!

The new tune is another about a guy meeting a girl, throwing a few fine lines her way and hoping she’ll follow his buzz home. “Hangover Tonight” definitely sounds like it could be a #1 hit, but if it does, Allan will be surprised. “I never watch the charts,” he recently stated. “It’s something I can’t control, and it drives me batty.”

Allan seems poised to get back his title as one of country music’s sexiest male voices with his gritty delivery of the soulful love song. Gospel singers praise the Lord behind Allan as he seduces his beauty, and country music fans all over.

The song features lyrics like, “We been hanging around this place / Hanging on to the hope in the way this whiskey tastes / Waiting, wishing that you would say / To hell with being sober / I wanna hangover tonight,” Allan sings at the chorus. “Feelings getting stronger / How could this be wrong girl / All night long girl / I wanna hangover tonight.”

His fans will have numerous chances to hear the singer-songwriter perform “Hangover Tonight” throughout the next few months. Allan has several tour dates on his calendar across the US, including stops in Texas, Mississippi and California. For a complete list of his upcoming concerts, click here.

Listen to Gary Allan’s “Hangover Tonight”:


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