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Garth Brooks Serenades Cancer Fan at Concert

When Teresa Shaw woke up that morning she never imaged that at the end of the day, the sign she was bringing to the Garth Brooks concert would have them “Dance” together. The Brooks fan who has been suffering from Stage 3 breast cancer had traveled from Iowa to the country megastar’s show in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on that Friday night after enduring an invasive chemo treatment that morning. When Garth caught sight of her sign (thanks to one of the ushers for allowing her to get closer to the stage so he could see it!), Brooks serenaded her with one of his top hits of all time and her favorite song, “The Dance.”

“I couldn’t believe that I was that close to him,” Shaw told the Daily News after the show. In a video posted to YouTube, Brooks can be seen sitting on the side of the stage singing directly to her. How do you not get emotional during that?! He applauded her bravery and told her, “You go kick cancer’s a–!”

To see the video, click here:

“If God would just give a big ol’ hand that comes out from the sky and write, ‘I exist,’ then there would never be any doubt, right?” Brooks asked his fans at the sold-out venue. He continued holding Shaw’s sign up so everyone could see and stated, “Well I want to tell you right now, God just stuck His hand out.”

And as if her night couldn’t have gotten any better, when the performance was over, Garth gifted her guitar. Shaw told KARE-TV that this will be something she will cherish forever. Shaw has been battling breast cancer for the last five months. “I was hoping to get close enough to get his autograph,” she told The News, recalling her unforgettable night at the Brooks concert. “For him to give me a hug and a kiss, it was amazing!”


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