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Florida Georgia Line’s New Album “Anything Goes”: Exhilaration From Start to Finish

By Amy Dolkas

How can I express how much I love Florida Georgia Line’s new album “Anything Goes”? For one thing, it has been playing non-stop in my car and house since the day it came out. I listen to the full album at least once a day and love it more each time I hear it. I am convinced that Tyler Hubbard and Bryan Kelley cannot record a bad song.

To give you some perspective on how great these songs are, think of Jason Aldean’s new hit “Burnin’ It Down”, which has reached chart-topping status with ease. Who penned that hit? Tyler Hubbard and Bryan Kelley of course! If they decided to give that song away to Aldean instead of recording it themselves, you can imagine the quality of songs they chose for their album. There are no filler songs, no tunes that you want to skip to get to your favorite. Each song has got a catchy melody and clever lyrics. Each song is full of driving energy and does not lose any fuel throughout the length of the album.

The new album accomplishes what good music is supposed to do, in my opinion. A good song is like a good book or movie- it takes you to another place where you can get out of your own head and the stresses each day can bring. It lets you escape. It brings you to the place it describes so you can live vicariously through the experience of whatever is happening in the song. I often listen to the album sitting in traffic after a long day, and the songs are the equivalent of happy hour in music form. The album unwinds and relaxes me and puts a smile on my face every time.

From their kicking back partying songs like “Sun Daze” and “Every Night” to their reflective and sentimental track “Dirt”, Florida Georgia Line is clearly changing the sound of country music with their unique blend of pop/rock energy and good old-fashioned country twang. Their sound is truly something special and “Anything Goes” is sure to exceed fan’s expectations.

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