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Cole Swindell’s EP, “Down Home Sessions III” Available Now


Cole Swindell, released his new EP, “Down Home Sessions III”, today! “Down Home Sessions III” follows the May release of Cole’s sophomore album, “You Should Be Here”. The EP consists of five news songs and supports Cole’s headlining tour, Down Home Tour, which kicked off Wednesday.

The project features five new songs and coincides with Cole’s third annual Down Home Tour which kicked off Wednesday, October 26th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tour will go through December stopping at many intimate venues along the way. Cole Taylor, Travis Denning and John Langston will be joining him as opening acts.

The fans in these cities and towns have been behind me since I first played in these clubs — supporting me in every way. Sending me Facebook messages and tweets. They have called radio stations to request my songs and spent their hard-earned money to buy my CDs and concert tickets. I have always looked at this tour as a way to get back ‘Down Home’ where they gave me my start and just to say thank you,” states Swindell.

Cole Swindell’s Down Home Sessions III Track Listing: cole-down-home-sessions-3

  1. “You’ve Got My Number”
  2. “Does It Hurt”
  3. “Six Pack Lines”
  4. “Chevrolet DJ”
  5. “Wildlife”

Fans can purchase Cole’s new album by clicking here and listen via Spotify here. His current single, “Middle of a Memory“, has already reached the top 5 and is still climbing!

He recently joined celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger in partnering with Huffington Post to write an open letter. Cole’s “Dear Nashville” details his journey in music and the support he received from the community after the death of his father. Click here to read his letter.

For all up to date information on Cole Swindell, visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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