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Brad Paisley Among 2015 YouTube Award Winners

Remember when Youtube was just for cute animal tricks and twerking? Well, late last year the video sharing site rolled out it’s new “music” dedicated section. Social media has become the prevalent resource for discovering new content. It is imperative for artists to maintain a social media presence, and that includes the releasing of music videos.

The thought of turning on a music channel and hoping they are actually showing videos, not some beard-centric reality show, and then waiting for the video you want to see to eventually may not even get played, seems an exercise in insanity. Just grab that phone, tablet or laptop and bam!, instantly find what what you want via the magic of modern science.

One artist who has never been afraid to venture outside of his wheelhouse is Brad Paisley. With his progressive take on country music and it’s evolution it makes perfect sense that he would be one of the first to embrace this format. Brad is by far not the only one, Toby Keith is another name from our genre that jumps to mind when discussing online releases, but with his history of creative, star studded videos it seems like a no brainer for Brad to be all about the online world.

And well, the fans were all about it too, enough to land Brad among 50 artists across all genres to be honored at the 2015 YouTube Music Awards. Occupying the list along with Brad are names the likes of Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift to name just a few. Collectively those 50 entertainers have garnered over 47 billion views by 164 million subscribers. Winners were chosen based on growth in viewership.

It is going to be interesting in the not so far future to see what other innovations present themselves pertaining to the discovery and distribution of content. I have a feeling that YouTube’s involvement in mainstream music is only the beginning of a major reformation in the music business.

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