WIN – WIN – WIN – Luke Bryan “Spring Break – Here to Party” Autographed CD

Spring Break 2013 might be over and you may have emptied the sand out of your shoes and have your nose to the grindstone (or supposed to), but if you’re Luke Bryan, the party never ends.

Luke recently wrapped up Spring Break in Florida where he spent two days performing live before a crowd of 120,000 fans that swarmed Spinnaker’s in Panama City Beach, Florida. The event marked the fifth in a yearly series of spring break concerts and culminated with a CD of the same name. “Spring Break – Here to Party” is the first full-length physical album released from Luke’s five-year “Spring Break” series. The 14-track album features two new tracks as well as a collection of songs from his previously released digital “Spring Break” EPs. “Spring Break – Here to Party” debuted at #1 on Billboard 200 and is raising more havoc than a sandstorm.

030513-luke-bryan-cd-aso-612x339And Luke Bryan and Universal Music Group have provided us with an AUTOGRAPHED copy of “Spring Break – Here to Party” to give away to one lucky Luke fan!


Here’s what you have to do to be in the running to WIN an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Luke Bryan “Spring Break – Here to Party” CD:

  1. Share your favorite spring break memory or best spring break story with Country Music Pride
  2. Put “Luke Bryan Spring Break” in the subject line
  3. Email your entry to by April 12, 2013

Now in honor of true spring breakers (college students) this contest is open to 18 + only . . . we are carding and serving “Just a Sip” with Luke for your partying pleasure!

Good Luck, we can’t wait to hear your stories.

Luke Bryan – “Just a Sip” – LIVE




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