Win an Autographed Copy of “Chief” – Eric Church’s Highly Acclaimed #1 Album !

Eric Church released “Chief”, his highly acclaimed third studio album, on July 26, 2011. This Top Shelf album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart and #1 on iTunes across all genres and Eric took time on release day to thank his fans for that honor.

“Chief” sold 145,000 copies its first week, held the #1 spot for two weeks and “Homeboy”, the albums first single, has been Certified Gold by RIAA.

Now, you might be asking, what’s all the fuss – somebody’s gotta be the #1 debut album, right? But “Chief” was not just another #1 debut album. Eric Church wrote another chapter in Country Music History with “Chief’s” #1 debut. I mean, even Billboard comments “Who the hell is Eric Church and how did he sell this many records without No. 1 songs?”

Well, EMI Records Nashville and Eric Church would like to celebrate the fan-supported success of “Chief” by doing what Eric loves to do … give to the fans !

Country Music Pride has been given the honor of giving away an autographed copy of “Chief” – Eric Church’s highly acclaimed #1 album.

All you have to do is share with EMI Nashville, Eric Church and Country Music Pride how you became introduced to Eric Church’s music.

  • Was it a song? – which one and how did you get hooked?
  • Was it a video? – which one and how did you get hooked?
  • Was it a concert? – which one and how did you get hooked?
  • Was it this contest giveaway that caught your eye and got you clicking around to check out Eric’s music? – if so, which song caught your attention and how did you get hooked?

We can’t wait to hear your Eric Church story. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, October 4, 2011 @ midnight. Please put “Eric Church Chief Contest” in the subject line and email entry to One entry per person, per email address. All stories will be read. One story will be randomly selected as the winner !

While you’re waiting to hear if you’re the lucky winner of this autographed masterpiece, stay entertained by Eric by tuning in to our Eric Church podcast and listen to this hard-working country bad boy talk about songwriting, the album, the fans and a big surprise that’s happening in January. And be sure to indulge in “Drink in My Hand”, Chief’s second shot.

Good Luck! we look forward to hearing about your introduction to this fan-loyal performer and one of the most gifted singer-songwriter perfectionaires in Nashville – Eric Church !



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2 Responses

  1. Eric Church is from North Carolina.
    I’m from North Carolina (Shelby, to be exact!).
    Eric Church graduated from Appalachian State University.
    I graduated from Appalachian State University (BM in Music Therapy).
    Eric Church writes good ol’ country music – Alleluia!
    I won the Colgate Country Showdown singing good ol’ country music – Alleluia!
    Eric Church keeps it real.
    Thank you, EMI and all his team, for helping him keep it real.
    Would love to have a momento..
    Thank you,
    Megan Peeler
    Brentwood, TN

  2. Megan,

    What a lovely list and wonderful things to say about Eric Church. Thank you so much for sharing that with all our fans here at Country Music Pride. That’s pretty cool.

    Be sure to make sure you copy and paste that into an email and send it to the email address listed in the contest so you will be in the running for a chance at this autographed copy of “Chief.”

    Good Luck … and by golly, keep your eye out for Eric in Tennessee.

Country Music Pride