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Win a signed copy of the new Lonestar album!

That’s right – we’ve got ’em and you’ll get ’em. Country Music Pride is celebrating the release of Lonestar’s 10th studio album, “Party Heard Around the World,” by giving YOU, the FANS, an opportunity to win a signed copy of the CD, which releases to the public April 27.

Lonestar has landed 10 No. 1 hit songs and sold more than 10 million album units since 1995. Bandmembers Dean Sams, Keech Rainwater, Cody Collins and Michael Britt were in complete control of “Party Heard Around the World,” and wrote eight of the 10 songs on the album.

To snag this awesome deal, leave a comment on this thread or e-mail us at before this Saturday, and tell us why you, above anyone else, should receive an autographed copy of “Party Heard Around the World.” What’s your favorite song? Got a great Lonestar story? We want to hear it all. And, if you make us laugh (or cry), we just might pick YOU!

First place will win an autographed copy of the album, and two runners up will receive unsigned copies.

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3 Responses to Win a signed copy of the new Lonestar album!

  1. Robini Mickelslen April 24, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    I have loved Lonestars music for years and know with Cody involved with the group it is going to be awesome. Have caught a couple of shows and only wish they toured in my home area more often so I could see them more often. They guys are so great and easy to be around, and my granddaughter thinks Cody is singing to her each time we see them on TV

  2. kasey April 27, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    I LOVE LONESTAR! I even have a tattoo of their logo on my calf. I am listening to the new CD right now, but to have one signed would be awsome!

  3. Michelle Rose April 29, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    My favorite song is Front Porch Lookin In! Like alltime favorite! I recently took my 10 yr. old daughter to her first concert. It was as cclose to Lonestar as we could get we saw Richie McDonald and Joe Nichols at a little theater in Branson there was only about 100 or so people there. It was great! Very personal, everyone got to talk to the artists, it was small enough to interact without the need to yell like at a large event! It was great! It got my daughter interested in music other than rap or hip-hop as whats popular with kids these days! She loved all the Lonestar songs and stories that Richie shared so I’d love to keep her interested and a signed CD would do the trick I think!!!

    Love Ya’ll!!!!

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