Win a free copy of Zac Brown Band’s live “Pass the Jar” DVD

Grammy Award winners Zac Brown Band are all about the live experience. With the DVD/2-CD release that hits stores today, you could win a copy of “Pass the Jar – Zac Brown Band and Friends Live from the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta,” and find out what everyone’s been talking about (unless you’ve already seen them live, in which case you know how much they rock).

“Pass the Jar” is a live concert package that captures performances from Zac Brown Band’s sold-out October 2009 show benefiting Athens’s historic Georgia Theatre. The ‘Pass the Jar…’ DVD will feature 18 of the evening’s performances with guests including, Kid Rock, Little Big Town, Joey + Rory, Shawn Mullins, Angie Aparo and Aslyn, who joined Zac Brown Band onstage for songs from their platinum album, ‘The Foundation,’ their favorite covers and new unreleased material.

Just respond to this thread in the comment section below — or e-mail us at — and tell us why you think you rock harder than the rest, and deserve a shot at scoring this DVD/CD set.


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12 Responses

  1. I love Zac Brown Band! I have enjoyed them since their days of playing in the little bars in Georgia!!!! My brother Shaun gets asked all the time if he is Zac. See the website photo!! I love you ZBB!! 🙂

  2. These guys put on a great show! I saw them at Merlefest and they really impressed me that they sounded as good or better live than on their record. Not all artists sound as good live but these guys rocked it.

  3. My 3 children literally listen to NOTHING but ZBB in the minivan!! They are ages 2 1/2, 2 1/2 and 4 and they say “TURN IT UP!” as loud as I will let them listen. Even the 2 year old twins SCREAM for “Si-Mon-chi–en!” (Aka sic em on a chicken) their absolute FAVORITE song!!! I NEED A NEW CD!!!!

  4. I want a copy of this because I saw them in Concert and they were UNBELIEVABLE! I would love to watch this over and over again. I have completely played through my copy of the foundation and would love the cd’s to be able to play in my car as well.

  5. I have had to buy THREE copies of the first album: one in my car, one in my husbands car, and one for the house so the kids stop stealing mine. I need the second album BAD!! I was you guys in concert in Grand Rapids, MI and it was the best concert I have ever seen in my 30 years of concert going!

  6. I thought the band was fun but I went to see them in Phoenix at the Dodge Theater and found out how just unbelievable Zac and the whole group of artists with him were!! I am 50 yrs old, have had 4 back surgeries and don’t get out of the house to do much these days so going to the concert was a big deal to me. I actually stood on my feet and moved my body just a little bit like the old days!! It was so lovely to be moved so much by the music, Zac’s generous sharing of the stage with the musicians touring with him and the many hours of music shared with the fans including autograph time after the show (which I could not remain for due to pain issues). The Zac Brown Band is made up of quality folks working very hard to bring us wonderful music and concert.

  7. This band is the most cohesive, well rounded and musically talented band to enter the country music scene in many years. What is so incredible is how well they cross genres from country to southern rock to island music to bluegrass. Just amazing!

  8. “whatever it is” it better be “free” it sure will help on my “highway 20 ride”!who cares send me the prize or not! I would like to say ZBB rocks! I saw them in San Diego one of the best concerts ever! hands down one of the most talented talented group of musicians ever assembled!

  9. Free, I love that song. ZBB’s CD Foundation has so many great songs spanning several genre there is something for everyone. These guys cerainly sing a lot about chickens, wonder why? I have seen them LIVE several times and that is the way to go, but if not possible this new CD/DVD will satisfy fans until their favorite band comes to a city nearby.

  10. I have never liked country but hearing this band in late 2009, I immediately loved their music and bought the album. Can’t stop playing it and singing along. Even went to the concert at Northrup in Mpls in December. ZBB rocks!

  11. My boyfriend and I have always loved the Zac Brown Band. “Whatever it is” has become “our song” and we are finally getting to see them in concert for our anniversary! I also LOVE their song “Free”!!!!

  12. My wife and I grew up with bands such as the Allman Bros., Marshall Tucker, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Pure Prairie League and many others. For years we have wished for a band like the above mentioned but have been disappointed until the Zach Brown Band came on the scene. We saw ZBB at the Suwanee River Jam this past year and I must say ZBB is the most awesome Band we have heard in years!!!!!!! The studio recordings are great, but the live band is even better!!! We would love to have a copy of the live performance to round out our library of great music this band produces. We are headed for Tampa on March 19th to get more of the music we love at the Goin’ Coastal Tour with Kenny Chesney, Zach Brown Band, Billy Currington and Uncle Kracker. Can’t get enough, will follow ZBB forever!!!

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